Network Zealand is now a reality.

By Ole Keinicke Christensen, 12th of january 2015
New Chairman was Projektmanager Kim Winther Nielsen from Carl Stahl A/S

The creation of Network Zealand were widely supported by the attendees at the founding meeting.

Initially chairman of the steering committee Kim Winther Nielsen explained the background and ideas behind the new network after which moderator Lonnie Nielsen reviewed the new statutes.

The statutes were approved by the attendees with only marginal adjustments and alle that had to be done was electing the new board of the network.

The new board thus came to consist of Head of Projects Kim Winther Nielsen (Carl Stahl) (Chairman), Director Ole Keinicke Christensen (Uplevel) (Vice Chairman), Director Martin Nielsen (Noret) (Treasurer), Key Account Manager Kent Ewert (Bekey) , Regional Director John Sejling (Danløft), Key Account Manager Brian Luplau (Onmiveta) and Sales Director TonnyGjettermann (Group VH A / S). Deputies were Head of Department Henriette Fjord Klement (LF Vagt) and Key Account Manager Benny Nielsen (Unicom).

The new board will soon present the program for network activities in the coming period