Network Zealand. Your gateway to business partners and suppliers throughout Denmark

It need not be that hard. We have done all work so that you as a contractor or other provider of major projects can get in touch with local, regional, national and even international suppliers and subcontractors by one click.

We act as 'one point of entry', and deliver virtually all products and services to large constructions and projects.

We bridge the gap between main contractors, public providers and companies and suppliers across the country. The aim is to make it easy for contractors to get in touch with local companies that can solve a given task quickly, efficiently and at high quality.

Members of Network Zealand are ready to cooperate with other member companies to provide high quality bids on specific tasks, or subcontracts in major construction projects locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

In this way we are able to transfer skills and resources across individual member companies, to ensure a buyer the best quality at a competitive price.

Contact us to learn more at or dial +45 44 225 225.