Challenge and background

Network Zealand was established in 2012 based on the Fehmarn Belt Development's project 'Ready for New Opportunities' under the name of Group 3A.

The network group originally started from tasks around service on equipment, repairs and adjustments, but now houses a number of companies with expertise and skills in a variety of disciplines and industries. The purpose of the group is to allow member companies to form a network with other businesses across disciplines and sectors to take part in the many large new construction projects in Region Zealand in the coming years.

Within the next 10 years there will be spent more than 140 billion DKK on building and construction projects in eastern Denmark. Many contractors prefer overall solutions for their projects, and these are solutions that small and medium-sized companies in Region Zealand in many cases do not have the capacity to handle.

It is therefore the role of Network Zealand to be able to bid on and perform many of these tasks through consortia’s composed of network members.


Strategic foundation

Network Zealand is a new form of business networks. In the structure of Network Zealand has laid great emphasis on not to imitate other existing business networks. Network Zealand will break with the norm and challenge the way you think network in Denmark.

As a member of Network Zealand, you agree to cooperate with other member companies bidding on subcontracts in the Fehmarn Belt tunnel project and other construction projects locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. The main objective is to transfer skills and resources across the individual member companies in order to create consortia’s that will on projects and provide a quality and volume that surpasses the individual member company's abilities.

Network Zealand is a commercial network organization and is managed by a board that functions as the members voice and decision-making body. The Board is planning network meetings and events and has the role of contact towards other networks and external partners. The Board of Directors are elected amongst the members of the network and is voluntary. The Board does not have a commercial obligation or responsibility to the member companies or external partners.


Network Zealand is created based on the Fehmarn Belt project and with the aim to ensure that most subcontracts in the project accrue to member businesses. This is done to:

  • Ensure that the network members achieve the greatest possible impact of investments in regional construction projects
  • Create growth and value for member companies
  • Create new jobs in the region
  • Provide member companies the opportunity to bid on larger projects in the form of consortia oCreating a forum for the exchange of experience and knowledge of the member companies
  • Create opportunities to do business amongst member companies


Network Zealand will be the Denmark’s strongest networks for companies wishing to cooperate on larger projects.

Network Zealand provides member companies the opportunity to exchange experiences and find together across disciplines and industries in solving projects. Network Zealand's primary role is to act as a catalyst for member companies cooperating on projects in the form of consortia’s that come together to bid on larger projects.



Creategrowth and value

Network Zealand will create growth and value for its members and the surrounding community. Based on the motto 'together we can lift more' we will enter into consortia that will bid on projects together and increase the portfolio of possible projects and thus the possibility of greater growth and profits of each member company.

See possibilities

Network Zealand will be proactive in seeking out projetsthat are relevant to members. We are in dialogue with public and private providers and are continuously exploring the opportunities that are present locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Challenge conventionalthinking

Network Zealand will challenge its members and the surrounding community when it comes to the way of being a professional network. In Network Zealand, we are not afraid to share experiences and knowledge. We consider the network to be a consortium that jointly undertake projects across industries and academic boundaries.