Strategy 2015 - 2016

This strategy plan presents the overall strategic aim of Network Zealand.

Strategic goals


Network Zealand is an independent network organization in 2015

It's Network Zealand's overall strategic objective to becoming an independent network organization when the cooperation with the Fehmarn Belt Development in the beginning of 2015.

The strategic targets for Network Zealand is therefore:

  • Network Zealand appear in the public to be a strong and significant business networks on a local, regional, national and international level
  • Network Zealand demonstrates that we are qualified to enter into consortia to bid on larger projects oNetwork Zealand's member companies are part of a coherent networks that exploit the synergies that exist across the member companies


Network Zealand is a business network working closely together on the solution of major projects and tenders

We create a natural coherence between member companies as consumers as well as suppliers. Therefore, this Network Zealand's ambition that member companies cooperate closely on relevant projects. At the same time our doors are open to the outside world, and we are happy to engage in projects with other business networks and invite external companies inside.

In a mutual dialogue, we can continually develop our skills and ensure that we as a network and individual members meets the requirements from the operator's side.

The strategic targets for Network Zealand are therefore:

  • We are the preferred partner of the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel when it comes to partial and subcontracts
  • We provide solutions in high quality to the customer's needs oWe are the natural, attractive and flexible partner for the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel project and other contractors
  • We engage in collaborations with other business networks and are open to cooperation with external companies


Network Zealand is an attractive network for small and medium-sized enterprises in Denmark

Network Zealand is a network for small and medium companies that want to enter into binding collaborations (consortia) around major primary construction projects associated with the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel and other major projects locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our primary task is not to perform small jobs for each other, but to enter into binding partnerships around major projects. As a member company you have the opportunity both to seek partners for potential projects or to join existing partnerships/consortia. Network Zealand facilitates this through networking meetings for member companies or as 'one point of entry' for external providers.

The strategic targets for Network Zealand is therefore:

  • Frequent network meetings for members
  • Technical input from external experts, public authorities, public providers, etc..
  • Opportunity to meet the main contractors on major construction projects
  • 'One point of entry' for main contractors wishing to contact the network group / member companies


Network Zealand gives its members the opportunity to act locally, regionally, nationally and internationally

Network Zealand supports its members by to facilitating agreements on projects locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

We have an international profile and is oriented towards the entire world we operate in. For most members the market is not determined by the Danish border, but by the relevant markets and the need for innovative development in the individual company's area of expertise. Therefore, we are working to support the members whether they want to work locally or internationally.

The strategic targets for Network Zealand is therefore:

  • To promote Network Zealand as a strong business network and professional partner for companies and providers locally, regionally, nationally and internationally
  • To work for the contact to companies and networks outside our own region both nationally and internationally
  • Provide information and contacts to consultants or external companies with the knowledge to work internationally